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Don't forget to log in for WoW's 8th Anniversary!

Anne Stickney

Today is the first day of WoW's 8th Anniversary, a two-week holiday that grants a special feat of strength for anyone that logs in. But don't forget to check your mail, because there's a present involved, too. This year, players will receive the Celebration Package, which grants those that use it an 8% experience and reputation boost from kills for one hour. The item can only be used during WoW's 8th Anniversary event, so grab yours and use it while you still can!

Unfortunately there is no pet involved with this year's achievement, it's simply a repeat of last Don't forget to log in for WoW's 8th Anniversary!year's rewards -- right down to the in-game mail that happily asks you to defend a shattered world. We kind of did that already, Blizzard. We're heroes now, remember? Regardless, the Celebration Package should offer a nice boost to those still leveling, or those in the midst of grinding out reputation with the Black Prince, Huojin or Tushui. Make sure to log on to all of your characters, so you get the Feat of Strength and the accompanying reward for everyone. WoW's 8th Anniversary runs from now until December 2.

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