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If you're a home theater fan, you will want this iPad app

Mel Martin

Home Theater Magazine has released Home Theater Top Picks for iPad, which has capsule coverage and pricing of audio and video equipment that's been reviewed favorably in the magazine. The app is divided into categories such as flat-panel displays, processors & amps, furniture and more.

If you spot something you'd like to learn more about, there is a link to take you to the magazine's full review. Home Theater Magazine is one of the top publications in the A/V field, and the reviews it produces are detailed and really helpful if you're in the market to upgrade your equipment.

Even though the app is free, which is great, I have a few nits to pick. The app only works in portrait mode. I really get tired of apps that do this, because so many people have iPad stands or cases that are designed for landscape use. How you view the app should be up to you, not the content producer.

Also, while the app has a nice search function, the keyboard appears on screen upside down! I have a screen grab of this in the gallery. If you turn your iPad over to get the keyboard right, the displayed page is upside down. How this part of the app ever made it through even rudimentary quality control is a mystery. Another issue is that when you click on a link to read a full review, you are taken to Safari and you are tossed out of the app. There should be a basic browser built in.

The content in the app is great, and if you are seriously into home theater, this app is for you. I hope the bugs and annoyances will get cleaned up quickly to make this worthwhile app less frustrating and easier to use.

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