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eBay opens refurbished Apple products section

There's a new alternative online if you're in the market for refurbished Apple computers and mobile devices. Auction mega-site eBay has launched a section devoted entirely to like-new MacBooks, iPads and iPods, the not-so-catchily named Apple Certified Refurbished Products Store.

On the store, you'll be able to find 25 products up for grabs, including a white 32 GB third-generation iPad for $469 -- a $130 discount over the retail price, or... exactly what Apple charges for the same refurbished device on its online store. In fact, eBay offers the same one-year warranty on these products, even noting that they go through final quality inspection by Apple.

Shipping is free, by the way, and all items are the store are listed as "Buy It Now" only -- sorry, auction hounds.

[Via iPodNN]

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