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Fake Apple apps available briefly in Google Play store


For a brief time last weekend, a developer impersonating Apple was selling versions of the company's popular iOS Apps in the Google Play Store. According to a post on Reddit, six apps with familiar titles like iPhoto and iMovie were being sold by Apple Inc. The icons were similar to the official titles and they were priced as the same as their iOS versions. An unknown number of customers purchased the apps and negative reviews began pouring in before Google pulled them from the Play Store.

One glaring error that should have been an alarm bell is the incorrect spelling of "Garage Band" in the fake Android app. The popular music-making app is correctly spelled as one word, GarageBand. Of course, Android owners may not be familiar with Apple's use of intercaps in its product names, and Google's unwalled app store doesn't protect them from deceptive developers like this.

[Via Android Authority and 9to5 Mac]

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