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Self-declared hipster builds Macintosh Portable case mod, reckons it goes well with skinny jeans (video)


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If size and weight aren't nearly as important as turning heads at your local coffee shop, then why bother with today's banal hardware if you've got a perfectly good Macintosh Portable lying around? One nostalgic modder with a disregard for luggability has updated Apple's very first laptop to run OS X, creating what he calls "a great café computer." Obviously, the software isn't all that's changed, as behind the white plastic hides the internals of a Toshiba NB100 netbook sacrificed for the project. The keyboard has been painstakingly rewired through a USB controller, and the ball mouse now houses an optical cousin which connects via the original cable. A cordless drill battery powers the thing, which has also been gifted with all the mod cons -- WiFi and USB connectivity -- to make it pretty usable. If you're interested in build pics, the tech-savvy hipster promises to post them soon at the source link below, and for a tour of the finished article, a video awaits you beyond the fold.

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