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Puffin browser gets faster Flash support, virtual gamepad


Third-party browsers for iOS have carved a niche in the App Store, and there are dozens of options claiming to be the best. The Puffin Web Browser is one of the more popular choices, and a new update adds even more features. Among them are a faster, smoother Flash engine and a nifty onscreen game pad for playing web games.

Flash on an iOS web browser is always a big deal, and Puffin's newly revamped functionality works extremely well for pre-recorded video content and streaming. The ability to map the arrow keys to the virtual gamepad is also a really slick new addition, and if your favorite web game doesn't have an iOS app counterpart, playing via the browser is a suitable substitute.

The app is $2.99, but there's also a free version that you can try before you throw down the cash.

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