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Apple patent details iOS journaling system, hints at extrapolated Events functionality

Darren Murph

Apple was today granted a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, filed as 8,316,046, which lays out the framework for a mobile device to "collect and store journal event data over a time span, the journal event data comprising data associated with a plurality of events, including a location and a timestamp of each event." Moreover, the first independent claim spells out that the system would utilize geotag data ("locations and timestamps") in order to parse events.

In layman's terms, the platform would be able to automatically separate check-ins, pit stops, photos, activities and movements based on when and where things happened. From here, it's anyone's guess as to what Apple would do with the information, but you don't have to gaze beyond the 'Events' section in the company's own iPhoto application to get a few solid ideas. One might even say that Apple's attempting to provide a Path-like experience within the iOS core, but who knows if it'll ever actually act on its earlier inclinations. Those who like to let their imaginations run wild can have at it in the source link below.

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