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Indie Fund backing Global Game Jam hit Mushroom 11


Mushroom 11, from 2012 NYU Global Game Jammer Itay Keren, is an experiment in mobility and art design, and it's caught the eye (and wallet) of Indie Fund. Keren won the Best Game Design award at GGJ 2012 with Mushroom 11, and has since focused on fleshing it out into a more polished, complete game. Check out some preliminary art and that wild gameplay mechanic in the above video.

"The design space being explored by Mushroom 11 is not something we've seen before," Indie Fund writes. "It's engaging and tactile and we're excited to support Itay and see where his design exploration leads!"

Keren has previous development experience for mobile devices, but there is no word on potential platforms for Mushroom 11.

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