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Super Hexagon spins onto Steam next week


Super Hexagon is coming to Steam for PC and Mac on Tuesday, November 27, for $3 (with the potential for a discount at launch). That's the same price as the iOS version that we are extremely fond of, even though it's "an overwhelming experience – for a few seconds at a time."

Super Hexagon prides itself on creating a challenge, with death generally a given after seconds of play, rather than minutes or hours – unless, of course, you're developer Terry Cavanagh, who can calmly complete his own game on the "Hexagonest" mode, in front of a room full of people. Like a wizard.

"I'm sorry this has taken so long," Cavanagh writes on his Steam announcement. "I appreciate your patience with me! I wanted to launch much sooner than this, but ultimately I just wasn't happy with the performance of the flash version." Cavanagh rewrote the entire game in C++, meaning the Steam version runs at a higher resolution than the iOS version, and it's "fast and silky smooth on every machine I've been able to get my hands on – a very important thing for a game like this."

Super Hexagon on Steam won't support gamepads at the outset, though Cavanagh hopes to add that after launch, along with a Linux version once Steam Linux goes public. As Cavanagh says, "See you on the leaderboards!"

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