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The Daily Grind: What's your days-to-max-level record?

Jef Reahard

As I mentioned earlier this week, DC Universe Online is taking up the majority of my MMORPG time lately. I've finally decided on a main character (for now, at least), and I'm closing in on max level despite the fact that I rolled him just over a week ago.

I'm a notoriously slow leveler, and while I've been told that DCUO's grind kicks in after the cap, I'm still amazed at how quickly the one to 30 content goes by. I'm not running out of things to do, either, as there are whole quest arcs that I haven't even started yet, to say nothing of group dungeon content, PvP, and what passes for superhero tradeskilling.

What about you, morning crew? Have you ever blown through a game's level range in record time? How long did it take?

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