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The Secret World's NYC raid opens November 21st

MJ Guthrie

When Funcom sprung the news about The Secret World's fourth monthly update going live (giving players less than a day's notice!), the studio said that one piece of the patch would be missing. Due to bugs, Big Trouble in the Big Apple's New York City raid needed a bit more time before it was ready. Now, one week later, the content is hitting the live servers. And again, the devs are giving short notice: Tomorrow, November 21st at 7:00 a.m. EST, the servers will be offline for the patch.

After an expected three-hour downtime, folks will be able to log in and throw themselves at the game's first-ever raid experience. So grab your friends and get ready! Not sure if a raid is your style? Check out Chaos Theory for why this instance might appeal to more than just dedicated raiders.

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