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ArenaNet on future content updates and learning from Guild Wars 2's Lost Shores

Guild Wars 2 recently got its first big non-holiday content update, which added a new zone, a new PvP map, a new dungeon, and a bunch of items. In addition to the permanent content (which seems, with a few glaring exceptions, to be very well-received), ArenaNet threw in a one-time event over the weekend (which was not received very well). In response to player reaction, the team has posted a new blog post that acknowledges the pitfalls of the Lost Shores event and laid out plans for moving forward.
We've seen people saying that they really liked the principle of using events to unveil new content, but we need to tighten up the methods by which they are deployed. We take these comments to heart, as it is our goal to always deliver content of the highest quality.
In the short- to mid-term future, ArenaNet plans to revamp and rebalance existing dungeons, add new dungeons to the Fractals of the Mists, fix existing content, add new content and progression for guilds, keep adding features to PvP, add new WvW content and rewards, and continue to add to the dynamic content around the world. There's no mention of one-off events in that list, which hopefully means the team is taking time to make sure that the technical problems have been hunted down and sorted out before another attempt is made.

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