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iPad as foosball table


Foosball, that favorite game of beer-guzzling college students around the world, can now be played in the privacy of your own dorm room complete with those wonderful 2-axis control bars and scoring markers. The table in this case? Your iPad. New Potato Technologies has bet the farm on a US$99.99 accessory called Classic Match Foosball for iPad that transforms your iPad into an amazingly realistic -- but tiny -- foosball table.

The table and upcoming free companion app give you the ability to play various forms of foosball, both classic and with alternative foosmen and field layouts. Anywhere from one to four people can play the game, and there's even a capability in the app to give you instant replays.

The legs of the Classic Match Foosball table fold for transport and storage, and you can even charge and sync your iPad while you play. There's no word on when the app will be available, but the accessory is already listed for ordering.

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