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Breakfast Topic: How much would you spend?


With Black Friday having just passed the US by, and the Christmas period looming, the season of consumption is upon us. Presents will be bought, sales will be visited, money will be spent. But let's take a step away from the real world into Azeroth for a moment, as is our wont here at WoW Insider.

The Black Market Auction House can hardly have escaped the WoW player's attention, with all the controversy surrounding it and the Brawler's Guild. It's a really interesting feature, I'm a little disappointed with it on my main realms, because it's usually pretty darn empty, but it occasionally has interesting items crop up, particularly mounts and heroic-level raiding gear. And that's what brings me around to today's topic. How much would you spend?

Of course, this is partly influenced by in-game wealth. If you have 900,000 gold, then spending 22,000 isn't such a big deal as it is if you have 23,000. But how much would you spend, then, as a percentage of your wealth? How much is too much for heroic raid gear? I'm less inclined to spend a lot on that, simply because it will be replaced. It won't be that long, in the grand scheme of things, before you're switching out that piece you spend 40k on for something you got for "free" in your raid.

Mounts, on the other hand, mounts are forever. And with mounts being cross-character now, they're even better. The bid cap in the Black Market Auction House is 1 million gold. How much would you pay for that mount, the one you're waiting for, the one you always wanted but that the guy would never drop?

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