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Amazon Cyber Monday deals include Vita, Halo 4, the word 'Cyber' [update: PC download deals]


Here's something to think about while you browse Amazon's list of Cyber Monday lightning deals, which include Soulcalibur V and a coordinating arcade stick, a 3G/Wifi Vita, Dance Central 3, the return of the Halo 4 with $20 gift card offer, and Adventure Time: Hey Ice King, etc. Are the savings worth the continued use of the term "Cyber Monday?"

The timed deals begin at 9:12am PST (12:12pm EST) and continue throughout the unfortunately named day.

Update: Amazon passed along some worthwhile PC download offers as well: XCOM is $24.99 today; Borderlands 2 is $29.99 for one copy or $90 for a four-pack through Nov. 26; and Kingdoms of Amalur with bonus DLC will be $12 on Nov. 26.

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