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EU guilds snatch both world first Sha of Fear kills


In a world first race that saw Method and Blood Legion pretty much neck and neck in WoW Progress' points system, Method and fellow European guild Paragon snatched the Sha of Fear from under the noses of their US competition. WoW Insider sends their heartiest congratulations to both guilds!

It looks like the world first Sha of Fear kill went to Paragon, narrowly beating Method to the punch, but Method weren't far behind with their world first 25-man kill. It's an interesting conundrum, really, given how many people consider 25-man raiding to still be "proper" raiding. They're opposed by the detractors of that view who assert that 10-man is just as hard and therefore should be considered in parallel with 25-man. In WoW Insider's recent interview with Method, all their players asserted that the two were completely different beasts.

With Paragon, a previous world first guild in 25-mans, moving down to the smaller raid size that they had previously derided, it adds credence to 10-man raiding. But, in this tier at least, Paragon have so dominated their bracket that there's not much competition. From Method's completion tables, there wasn't a single US guild in the running for the 10-man progression in this most recent, and final, world first race of this tier. Will more competition emerge? Earlier raids haven't had such an EU-dominated 10-man race, certainly. Was it simply thanks to the holiday weekend?

For me, and this is only opinion, the reason I've followed the 25-man race more closely this time around is that there is more competition. Method, Blood Legion and Vodka have duked it out for the top spot all the way, with the closeness of the final Sha of Fear push making it a really exciting one. Blizzard Community Manager Taepsilum commented on a forum post that a stream of the race would be something they'd like to watch, and I agree, but I'd like to watch two guilds competing for a close win, rather than Paragon utterly controlling the entire race! But what do you think?

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