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Facebook's Gifts feature now lets you send iTunes cards

Imagine this scenario: You're on Facebook when you see a notice that it's your second cousin's birthday. You know, the one you met that time at your aunt's birthday party where your nephew sneezed in the potato salad and thought no one saw -- but you did? Anyway, it's cousin whatshername's special day and all you can remember is that that she was listening to her iPod the whole time. Luckily, you don't even have to browse away in order to send her an appropriate gift, as Facebook now lets you bestow iTunes cards on your friends right from the social network's site.

By clicking on the Gift icon visible on a Friend's page (or on the popup that appears when clicking on a birthday notification) you can now choose an iTunes gift card as an option, in denominations of US$10, $15, $25 and $50. There's even an option to include suggestions of albums and other content they might like. Of course, maybe if you spent more time talking to them in real life instead of on Facebook, you'd know exactly what they want -- and probably would've gotten invited to their birthday party. Instead, you'll be spending another night playing Bubble Safari and browsing photos of your exes, as usual.

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