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Frontier adds new Elite: Dangerous pledge options, multiplayer ship video

Jef Reahard

Elite: Dangerous still has a goofy name, but now it's got a smidgeon of game footage to go along with it thanks to a newly released multiplayer dogfight video.

Well, technically the clip features some gun camera footage of the game's lead programmer chasing David Braben's ship through an asteroid field. It's not quite a dogfight, but it's closer than many a fledgling Kickstarter project has managed.

There's no sound, so Braben spends all of the clip's five-minute running time talking about various and sundry Elite: Dangerous possibilities. He touches on the inevitable griefing that comes with free-form sandbox games, too, saying that Frontier has "lots of strategies" for dealing with undesirables. Finally, the game's Kickstarter page has introduced new pledge options including the Writer's Pack (which enables aspiring fanfic authors to pay a chunk of change and get their stories in the game) and a couple of boxed editions. Click past the cut for the dev diary video.

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