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Minecraft Reality app for iPhone, iPad enters the real world


Everyone loves Minecraft, but having to return to the dull, dreary real world after spending countless hours crafting amazing works of blocky art can be a real drag. But fear not, as reported by TNW, a new iOS augmented reality app called Minecraft Reality can change all that by giving you a glance at what your daily life would be like with a few blocky touches.

Using your iOS device's camera, you can place virtual Minecraft creations -- including vehicles, toys, robots, and even entire buildings -- anywhere you desire. The app creates a digital "map" of whatever surface you choose, large or small, and then generates a 3D model of the creation of your choice. You can move your device around and see all sides of the object, or even directly manipulate the model by placing two fingers on the touchscreen.

Perhaps the coolest feature of the app is its built-in GPS functionality. The app logs the coordinates of each of your 3D models in a central database. Then, when others with the app glance at an area you've already decorated, the objects you've placed will appear for them as well.

The app requires at least the iPhone 4S to utilize its wealth of options, and it has been optimized for the iPhone 5's larger screen. Of course, a tool this nifty isn't free, so you'll have to cough up a cool US$1.99 to call it your own.

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