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TweetDeck gets Cards support, keyboard shortcuts in latest update

A little more than a year ago, Twitter introduced a drastically redesigned version of TweetDeck that jettisoned features and alienated longtime users. Ever since, the company has been steadily tweaking and adding to its multi-column app in a clear effort to win back followers. Its latest update brings support for some of the Twitter platform's newer features, but also reintroduces a smidgen of lost functionality.

New in today's update are Photo and Player Cards, Twitter's way of displaying larger inline photos and multimedia, such as videos. The update also marks the return of some basic keyboard shortcuts, including the ability to compose new tweets by pressing "n" and close pop-up windows with the ESC key. Sure, these are pretty small things taken for granted by users of other apps, but it's reassuring to see such key features being reintroduced.

Today's new release follows one from mid-October in which TweetDeck gained a new light theme and the ability to change the font size used to display tweets.

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