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iPhone now said to be top selling U.S. smartphone

Mel Martin

Reuters reports that brisk iPhone 5 sales pushed the iPhone's market share over Android's in the three months ending October 31. This information was shared at the Kantar World Panel today.

Apple's share of the market has doubled from a year ago to 48.1 percent. That's very close to the record 49.3 percent Apple pulled off earlier this year. Android's US share dropped to 46.7 percent from 63.3 percent over the same period.

Apple is less dominant in Europe, where Android has a 74 percent market share in Germany and 82 percent in Spain. However, iPhone market share in Europe is showing share gains in four major European countries. The iPhone has a 32.7 percent share in the UK.

Dominic Sunnebo of Kantar World Panel says, "Apple has always managed to maintain loyalty levels far above the competition, and this has clearly played a part in driving sales of its new device. An impressive 92 percent of existing Apple owners in the US said they will choose an iPhone the next time they upgrade. While loyalty is clearly key, it is also important to make sure that new customers are attracted to your brand. With roughly 60 percent of US iPhone 5 sales coming from existing customers and 40 percent from new consumers, Apple is achieving this at the moment -- a clear sign of the strength of the brand in the US marketplace."

Kantar uses consumer panels and market monitoring as the basis for its research.

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