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Matt Higby talks testing weapons, server restrictions, and more in PlanetSide 2 interview

MJ Guthrie

For anyone who hadn't noticed, a little game called PlanetSide 2 launched one week ago today. OK, it isn't really little at all; folks who log in to the new MMOFPS enter a massive world with battles taking place all over the map. In a recent video interview, Creative Director Matt Higby discussed a few features players might have missed in their battle frenzy as well as some upcoming ones they can expect.

Introduced at launch, one feature Higby highlighted is the ability to test weapons out in the field before committing their hard-earned certs to a purchase, so "buyer's remorse won't necessarily be as prominent." Every eight hours, players can grab a weapon (for free) and run around with it for 30 minutes. Players can do this three times a day but must use a different weapon each time; the cool-down timer for testing a weapon a second time is 30 days. And soon, players can also expect a more detailed preview window when perusing weapon with information on how the weapon behaves and what attachments can be used on it.

Higby goes on to reveal that the one empire per server restriction will be lifted and highlights the upcoming ability to switch servers and rename characters. Folks waiting for the ability to switch factions, however, are out of luck. Get all the details -- plus some in-game footage -- in the video after the break.

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