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Patch 5.1: Pet battle UI changes


Blizzard has integrated the features of many current add-ons into the pet battle UI for patch 5.1. The journal, wild pet tooltips, and battle UI now display information making it easier to choose which pets to capture and which to kill.
  • During battle, the quality of the pet is shown in the color of the opponent creature's name as well as the border of the icon. This renders Pet Battle Glow unnecessary.
  • Mousing over a pet in the wild now shows how many of that creature you have collected, if any. It does not show what the highest quality of that particular pet you own, however. So the Pet Caught add-on will still give more information than the new UI.
  • Mousing over the opponent creature during the battle will also display how many of the pets you own, but again, not their qualities.
More changes are after the break.

  • It is now possible to sort the pets in the journal by name, level, rarity, or type. Unfortunately, ascending or descending order cannot be chosen. Pet Journal Enhanced offers that feature, however.
  • Typing a zone into the search box in the journal now shows which wild pets are located in that zone, by drop, quest, or any other way of obtaining the creature. Regrettably, it relies on a faulty list from Blizzard, as does the filter from Pet Journal Enhanced. Thus, some pets are not included and the zone list cannot be fully trusted. This is particularly true in cities.
  • The border of the icons shown in the pet journal now displays the quality of each pet you own.
The Pet Journal Enhanced and Pet Caught add-ons are no longer essential, but still have value. And it would be much more helpful if the pet per zone list were updated. Regardless, the standard UI in Patch 5.1 still gives much more information than before for wild pet collectors.

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