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Razer updates Orochi mouse with new laser, longer battery life


It's nearly vacation time, you've got your second-gen Razer Blade nestled in wrapping paper below the Festivus pole, and all you need is a fancy new mouse to go along with that fancy new gaming laptop. Razer's apparently got you covered in that department as well, refreshing its Orochi wireless gaming mouse just in time for the upcoming holiday. Sporting a new laser with a 6400 dpi 4G sensor, Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity (as well as wired support) and 30 hours of advertised battery life on two AAs (double the previous model), the Orochi promises to "take out the competition with deadly accuracy." Here's hoping Razer's not talking about beating your opponents to death with the mouse, and just means that figuratively. The company's already got the new Orochi up for sale on its website for $69.99 / €69.99, which we'd suggest heading to sooner than later should you want to beat the holiday madness.

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