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EVE Online dev blog details changes to Drone Regions coming in Retribution

MJ Guthrie

Not all regions are created equally, and that's something EVE Online devs are fixing. No, that doesn't mean all regions will be boring carbon copies. But it does mean that devs are adding content to the eight different areas known collectively as the Drone Regions to bring them more in line with the rest of the New Eden cluster.

When the Retribution expansion hits in December, the Drone Regions (so named for the special drone content located within them) will be getting four officer spawns, five officer modules, and hauler spawns scattered throughout the sectors. Salvage from NPCs is also getting a buff to increase it to the levels seen elsewhere in the game, and rogue drones will give sec status.

In other EVE news, CCP announced that fans can now subscribe to EON magazine using PLEX.

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