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Report: Eddy Cue tasked with setting Maps right

More details concerning the aftershocks of last month's executive shakeup at Apple are beginning to surface, focusing on yesterday's revelation that Maps manager Richard Williamson had been shown the door. Bloomberg now reports that Senior VP Eddy Cue is now personally heading up efforts to overhaul Maps in the wake of the app's frigid reception alongside iOS 6 in September, which led Tim Cook to issue a public apology.

Apple isn't saying anything publicly about Williamson's departure or Cue's efforts, but that hasn't stopped sources from leaking some details. Specifically, Bloomberg's report states that in addition to bringing fresh staff on to the project, Cue is said to be asking the company's Maps partners, including TomTom, to make improvements to the data they're providing. Previously we'd heard that Apple was enlisting its retail employees in reporting Maps data errors, and Cook indicated in his apology that user reports would help improve Maps over time.

Cue's role as a "fixer" on Maps isn't unprecedented. In 2008, he was tasked with turning around MobileMe, which suffered from a host of problems following its troubled launch.

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