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Vimeo iPhone app update makes uploading, sharing easier


Frequently in the world of iPhone apps, simpler is better. Developers who try to cram too much functionality into the limited space on an iPhone screen find that users are baffled when trying to navigate their apps. Vimeo, the popular video-sharing site, has just updated its iPhone app for the better by taking out some functionality.

Vimeo removed the editing tool from the free app after finding that not many people used it anyway. When metadata is being entered for a video, the app starts the upload process in the background. Uploads can be paused and restarted, and if an upload is stopped because your iPhone loses connectivity, it is automatically restarted when the connection is established again.

The video browsing and viewing parts of the app have been improved to make navigation much easier. But part of the fun of Vimeo is sharing videos with others, so users can now send notification to Facebook or Twitter instantly.

The entire app update was developed in-house rather than farming it out, and it's definitely an indication of good things to come from the Vimeo staff.

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