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Musician of the Black Eyed Peas has delivered on his promise to introduce an exciting iPhone accessory. The "" accessory adds a keyboard and interchangeable camera lenses to your iPhone 4 or 5. hopes to compete with the likes of Instagram with the, which he hopes will be the first in a line of accessories. The iPhone case reportedly boosts the built-in camera's resolution to 14 megapixels. "We have our own sensor and a better flash," told The Telegraph. The standard lens collection includes standard, fish-eye, wide and zoom lenses. An app will create a photo sharing network for owners of the accessory.

The also features a slide-out keyboard, and will be sold exclusively by London's high-end gift shop Selfridges. An iPhone 4-compatible model ships in December, while iPhone 5 owners must wait until next year. Each model will come in two versions, selling for £199 (matte black) and £299 (white with golden trim) respectively.

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