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Bashiok confirms LFR no longer shows raid progress

Matt Low
Blizzard has finally spoken with regards to the LFR queues and the lack of progress information when the popup occurs. Bashiok explains below that with patch 5.1, the game will no longer state how many bosses are left for the Raid Finder group you are assigned to.


Right, so with 5.1 the game no longer tells you how many bosses are left for the group you're being matched with for Raid Finder (LFR).

To explain why we made the change, let's go back to the problem everyone was experiencing before. Let's say a fresh LFR group is put together, they get two bosses down, and then wipe a few times on the third and lose 10 people who think they're too cool for wiping. Now the group is down to 15, waiting for 10 new people, the queue eventually pops for those 10, and most of them see 2/6 and hit cancel. The raid still isn't full, the matchmaker has to go looking again for more people, and meanwhile as time ticks on people from the original run are getting more frustrated. Maybe a few of them leave, and then there's even morespots to fill. Plenty of times everyone just gives up and the entire run falls apart, all those people are back in the queue, and they'll be-damned if they join an in-progress run to fall apart again!

These kinds of things happen all of the time, and in the vast majority of situations it's simply because people don't like the idea of joining an in-progress run, even if it would have succeeded.

You may think we're trying to be underhanded, but the reality is we're trying to help people be more efficient with their play time. What most people don't realize is that if they get and complete an in-progress run, the next time they queue they will preferentially be placed into a fresh instance. What everyone should be doing, to be the most efficient, is joining and sticking with their runs to completion. If they join an in-progress group they can catch up on those other couple bosses they missed immediately after, and if they have the time, they'd be wise to down the ones they've already killed again for extra Valor.

The patch has only been out a couple days of course, but personally I think there are some people who don't realize yet how an in-progress run, and that extra Valor, can directly translate to improved items through the new upgrade system. An in-progress run is very likely better bang for the buck to your character power due to item level upgrades than hitting cancel over and over to get a fresh run and then hoping for a boss drop.

There are of course other issues that cause LFR groups to fall apart, like boss difficulty, and those are the kinds of things we're looking at bigger solutions for. Losing a couple people doesn't need to mean the whole run is doomed.

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