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Brink dev reveals new PC multiplayer shooter Dirty Bomb


Brink and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars developer Splash Damage announced Dirty Bomb this morning, a new PC multiplayer shooter from the broadened developer. The teaser video showcases what looks like modern day London, except torn up by lots of people shooting and exploding the hell out of each other. The vid also reveals Dirty Bomb uses a version of Unreal Engine.

The only other Dirty Bomb info comes via Splash Damage's publishing partner Warchest, whom players will likely need to register with to play the game given the "reserve player name" link on the teaser website.

The London-based developer will be hoping its newest major project is better received than its last one, although the underwhelming critical reception Brink endured wasn't matched by its last estimated sales figure of 2.5 million. The studio has since undergone a re-organization, including the launch of new publishing arm Warchest.

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