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DayZ standalone features new engine, moving to MMO client-server model

Jef Reahard

DayZ creator Dean Hall has updated the mod's dev blog regarding potential release dates for the standalone client. Hall and his team initially targeted a late 2012 street date, and that's still on the table. However, "we will slip the date if needed," Hall says. "We will not compromise the project for the short-term gain of meeting this date."

His blog entry details the expanding scale of the DayZ project, which is more or less running on a new engine. "We are moving to the server-client MMO architecture model. We are making weapons and items 'entities,' meaning we can support customization and variables assigned against items," Hall explains. "This is a massive departure from the previous engine. In many ways, once this phase is completed -- one could effectively say that DayZ is running on a new version of the engine. While the graphics may look the same (for now), under the hood so much is being completely rewritten."

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