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DUST 514 video diary explores the nuances of vehicles

Eliot Lefebvre

When you're shooting your way across the planets in DUST 514, you don't want to be walking everywhere like an animal. You want to be riding in style, especially if you can be riding in something that also has armor plating and variable thrusters. That's where vehicles come into the game. A new video narrated by Ryan Thornton (also known as CCP Blam!) explains how vehicles will work in the shooter and what players can expect from their earliest rides and more advanced offerings.

The game's vehicle system starts everyone with very basic items, but as time goes by you can upgrade your rides with the use of skill points and different configurations. You can make your dropship logistical support for other vehicles, or you can turn it into a heavily armed and armored transport that clears a landing zone and puts down troops. Or you can turn it into a lightning-fast transport that brings players across the map faster than enemy players can react. Take a look at the full video just past the break to see more of the vehicle system in all its glory.

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