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Jailed ARMA devs thank fans and friends for support in handwritten note


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The Bohemia Interactive developers being detained in Greece sent a handwritten note to fans and friends expressing thanks for words of encouragement and the knowledge that they are "not forgotten." The note, sent last week, is now online at

Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar were arrested after being accused of spying on Greek military installations on the island of Lemnos. They've since spent 81 days in jail, with the Czech president recently asking the Greek president to treat their case with "special care."

In the note, the Czech devs say they are being treated well, and that they are doing their best "to stay optimistic and use this time well." They go on to thank the 14,000+ signatories of the petition created to show support for the detained pair.

We have a full version of the note in text after the break.

Dear Friends,

We would like to thank you for the ongoing support of our case. After tiring two months, it is important for us to hear (well, read) words of encouragement and to learn that we are not forgotten.

We are treated well, but we feel we should rather be with our families than here.Your effort makes it easier to handle: We enjoy the postcards, community news, pictures and puzzles which are being regularly send by this website's magnificent staff, It seem sit will take some time before we could return home and there is certainly much to overcome. We do our best to stay optimistic and use this time well : we read we walk, we chat and discuss and martin even does some P.T. we've already walked hundred of kilometers, read thousands of pages, but our thoughts are always with our families, friends and people who help us in any way.

We should also thank everyone who joined the petition! 14.000 signatures is truly amazing number, which makes us hope for the best regardless of the hardships.

With best regards, from windy Greece
Ivan & Martin

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