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Nintendo president 'very sorry' for the Wii U's frustrating set-up process


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Nintendo's Satoru Iwata has apologized for the Wii U's time-consuming day one update -- a compulsory patch that takes as long as an hour to download and which prevents users from accessing the Miiverse, play Wii Games or use Hulu Plus. In an interview with IGN, the company president said that he was "very sorry," and that he feels users should be able to "use all of the functions [of a console] as soon as they open the box." He added that people can expect further, incremental software bumps that'll add functionality to the system over time, and that new Mario and Zelda games would be announced just as soon as the company had worked out how to produce games that utilize the console's unique hardware.

Update: Looks like Nintendo put out a video for getting your Wii U online; we've embedded it after the break.

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