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Should they have waited until March? Submitting your iTunes 11 bugs


For all of you working with iTunes 11 and exploring its delightful and quirky feature set, it's likely you'll run across one or more of the bugs the new software has to offer. For example, I clicked on the iTunes Tutorials button to watch one of those great new video overviews -- and got a "page not found" in iTunes. (Screen shot above.)

I also encountered issues showing and hiding sidebars and toggling between genres. Jeff Lamarche reports that iTunes 11 reverted all his content to new and unwatched. (*kof*)

If you're experiencing these early bugs, there is something you can do. Hop over to Apple's iTunes feedback page and let Apple know. Submitting bug reports isn't about criticizing or demeaning Apple. It's about pitching in to help produce better apps and voting for enhancements that you'd like to see Apple include.

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