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Aion 4.0 will bring an increased level cap and new skills

In case new classes and a new region weren't enough to whet your appetite, Aion's 4.0 update is raising the level cap and ushering in some new skills! The new level cap will be 65, up from 3.0's cap at 60.

What good is a level cap raise without some skills to populate the new progression? No good at all, of course. Gladiators, Rangers, Clerics, and Chanters will get shiny new survival skills. Spiritmasters, Sorcerers, Assassions, Templars, and Gladiators will get their hands on some powerful offensive skills. Finally, a new skill type is being introduced: Charged skills will have stronger effects based on how long they are charged, and it's up to the caster to decide how long to channel them. These skills will include "Induce Sleep" for Sorcerers, which will keep the target asleep longer based on the length of the charge; "Healing Splendour" for Clerics, which will heal members more based on charge duration; and "Lethal Strike," a Chanter skill that can be charged for greater damage.

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