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Blingtron bugged, is far less blingy


The blank look and glazed smile are hiding his pain. Blingtron 4000 loves to give out gifts, loves it. It's his thing, handing out Fire Spirits and steamy romance novels. He used to hand out his gift packages to you once per day, but right now, since the advent of Patch 5.1, something's gone horribly wrong for Blingtron 4000.

The little guy's bugged out, what people originally thought was a stealth change by Blizzard to make him usable only for one person on your account appears to be something far more serious, with forum posters asserting that Blingtron can only be used by one character on one account, ever. What's not clear at the time of writing is the extent of Blingtron's bug.

Was it working as intended that he only hands out one gift per account per day? Or was that just the bug manifesting itself for the first time for players? Will he be back to his blingy ways in no time, or is he only ever going to have one gift for each account per day? Blizzard's Sapperwix had just this to say:

We're aware of this issue and are actively working on a fix. Thanks for your reports!

We're all hoping Blingtron will be back to his old ways as soon as possible!

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