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GolfWeather is a missed opportunity to help golfers

Mel Martin

GolfWeather is an outgrowth of, which helps you check the weather before you head to the golf course.

The app covers more than 20,000 courses in several countries up to a week at a time. You get hour-by-hour temperature predictions, cloud cover, humidity, wind and chance of rain, and if the weather is suitable for playing.

For a free app GolfWeather is OK, but doesn't really do as much as it could. I showed it to an avid golfer friend, and he basically yawned, because just about any weather app will give you the same information. While GolfWeather does have an impressive lists of golf courses, it doesn't use GPS to tell you which courses are near you, or provide maps to get you to those locations. It's a missed opportunity. Also missing are any details about the golf courses such as ratings, hours, fees.

There is a similar app called Latest Golf Weather, which is US $0.99, and has pretty much the same features. If I were a golfer, I'd want more information, even if I had to pay more for the app.

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