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The Queue: Oops, my bad

Anne Stickney

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Anne Stickney (@Shadesogrey) is pretty much woefully behind when it comes to hunters.

My apologies to hunters. It appears that my answer in a previous Queue was entirely off, as many of you (many, many of you) pointed out. Unfortunately hunters are not my main class, and the last time I played a hunter with regularity, I had a mana bar, an axe, and a macro that went something like #showtooltip Steady Shot /castsequence reset=3 Steady Shot, !Auto Shot.

Yes, it has been a long time, thank you.

Joey4 asked:

Hello my question is I thought voljin was a hunter, when did he become a shaman?

Vol'jin's actually a Shadow Hunter -- it's a hero class from Warcraft III. They're pretty much a hybrid of hunter and shaman, able to do both at the same time. Will we ever see that class in game? That ... is highly doubtful, because it's a mix of two classes that already exist. And if one could play a hunter, a shaman, or both at the same time, I suspect many would be choosing the play both option.

amaxewardiary asked:

Did monks pick up a running buff in 5.1? I noticed I'm running faster (110%) but I can't find anything on my abilities to explain why I have it.

Yep! Stance of the Fierce Tiger now gives you a 10% boost to movement speed. It was added in 5.1.

Alyrae_NATL asked:

Question: Do you have to complete Chapter I of Wrathion's questline to access Chapter II?

Yes. Sort of. Part of Chapter II involves gaining more reputation with Wrathion, and that kicked in as soon as 5.1 did -- killing any of the opposing faction's NPCs in Krasarang will give you reputation with the Black Prince. You just don't get the quest where you need to get revered with Wrathion until after you've completed the first section of the storyline. I'd recommend finishing Chapter I anyway, just because you get to have another chat with Wrathion, and Tong fixes up a mean platter of fish to munch on while you listen.

I like Tong. He's good at everything. I hope exalted means that Tong will make us secret special best friend bracelets or something.

adamjgp1 asked:

Is there a way to get the whole story of MoP without doing all the quests? I know that sounds like a stupid question, but when I play WoW, I really just want to play with friends. Do some raids, some PvP, maybe some dungeons. When leveling in MoP I found that I was really starting to enjoy the story, but once I hit 90 all my motivation to do quests disappeared.

Um ... no. Think of it this way -- your character is traveling through the world. Your character is, unfortunately, not psychic, and therefore needs to actually go do all the things in order to learn stuff. I would suggest completing the quests just because I think the story is really good, but you don't have to do them all now. You can do them a bit at a time as you feel like it. Plus, the gold you get from quests and from getting rid of quest rewards is pretty good.

Alternatively, you could wait until the end of the Mists expansion, at which point I may do a Lore for Dummies recap of the expansion, if people seem interested in that!

lady.goblinade asked:

Q4tQ: For the "A Test of Valor" achieve that Wrathion is looking for, can we continue to get VP for it after we hit the weekly cap, or do we need to wait for the reset to get more?

That is currently unknown because we're only in the first week of the patch, but I'm going to say no, it's not likely that you can. This is largely because once you've hit that valor cap, you stop being rewarded valor for boss fights and daily quests -- so there's nothing to add to the total. Unfortunately, you'll have to earn your valor the lengthy way.

stolcard asked:

Q4tQ: what's the lore reasoning why pandarens cant be paladins?

The Queue Oops, my bad

Pretty much that.

codexreaper asked:

Q4tQ: Is is just me, or was there no actual 5.1 trailer from Blizz? I'm used to seeing one come out every patch, and I was more than a bit surprised when one never showed up...perhaps there was just not enough new content to justify one?

There was not! It was stated that patch trailers were going to be reserved for really big patches that add really big content. However, when you begin your adventures in Krasarang, each faction gets their own mini-cutscene -- you could consider that a trailer of sorts.

@undeadgoat asked via Twitter:

So I basically realized I do Shieldwall out of love for my king. Why in the world do Horde do Dominance Offensive?

Because we would very much not like to be brutally murdered for treason. Oh, and I guess some people really dig doing stuff for Garrosh, too.

ialdabaothwtf asked:

Q4tQ: Has there been any recent news from the Devs on whether they will ever allow you to transmog between weapon types, such a 1H Axe to 1H Sword, in the same way hunters can transmog their ranged weapons? I am surprised this hasn't happened yet, as there seems to be no technical reason to disallow it, and gives you another tool to customize your character.

Nothing from the devs, but there were some quiet changes made to some weapons that have gone from off-hand to one-hand, allowing players to use them on their main hand weapon. Before the patch, I couldn't use my really awesome Claw of Celebras on my Gara'kal, but after the patch, now I can do so. Hooray for Wolverine claws!

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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