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'Vectrex Regeneration' is a free, official Vectrex app for iOS

Jordan Mallory

Back in 1982, the video game hardware industry was an untamed, Wild West-esque madhouse of creativity and gimmicks, both of which often traveled hand in hand. One such example of pre-crash insanity was the Vectrex, a game console with a built-in CRT vector-graphics monitor and transparent screen overlays that faux-colorized the display.

Production of the Vectrex ceased in 1984, but mobile developer Rantmedia Games has resurrected the wonky thing as Vectrex Regeneration, an emulation platform for iOS devices. Available for free on the App Store, the app includes the original Vectrex's built-in game Minestorm, as well as indie games that have been developed for the platform since its demise.

Access to 18 further titles from the Vectrex's catalogue, as well as iCade support, can be purchased for $6.99. Eventually, all 29 games ever released for the system will be added as in-app purchases. Unfortunately, the app does not include flimsy plastic screen covers like the original did, but we guess you can't have everything.

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