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Garry's Mod may make a mockery of Kinect (for PC) on Dec. 6


Garry's Mod
, the physics sandbox game made in Valve's Source engine, is coming to the Kinect SDK for PC from creator Garry Newman. Newman is aiming to launch Garry's Mod for Kinect on Thursday, December 6.

Newman has shown off a few ways Garry's Mod can use Kinect, with full-body character control and realistic world-reactions – and yes, it will be accessible in multiplayer mode. "You can join a server and take control of a ragdoll," Newman writes in the description for the below video. "Your friend can join and take control of one and you can dance together." Because that's what friends do.

Potential motion controllers will need a Kinect and Kinect for Windows Runtime v1.6. There is no Mac version ("Sorry, Mac guys," Newman writes).

Check out all the wacky wanderings you can get up to with Garry's Mod for the Kinect SDK in Newman's introductory post and today's follow-up, and watch his second Kinect demo video after the break.

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