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It came from the Blog: Pandamonium snapshots


Once upon a time, there were many, many pandaren. They loved to play and kill and put wild creatures in cages. Then one night, they had an idea. It wasn't an original idea. Everyone has it at one point or another. But it was an important idea that was to shape their destiny forever. And that idea was "Party!"

Now, you know what happens when you get a bunch of pandas together to party: you get Pandamonium! First thing they did was get nekkid. Oh did I mention these pandaren were from the It came from the Blog family of guilds? That's an important detail, as those are a rowdy, drunken bunch who like to take their clothes off and/or run into dangerous territory and/or jump off of things. Spoilers.

The story continues ...

The Pandamonium crew gathered and ran to Razor Hill, then the Crossroads, stopping for photo opportunities whenever possible. Those It came from the Blog types like to get their pictures taken too. They also like to "Stay on the road!" and "Protect the lowbies!" The more experienced pandas did protect the lowbies, as usual until ... the road ended. But Crikkit, their fearless leader, told everyone to keep going. so they did. Right into the lava.

It came from the Blog Pandamonium snapshots
When they released their spirits, they ended up on either side of the chasm between Northern and Southern Barrens. The highbies were on the southern side, while the lowbies went back to the crossroads. Very vexing.

So the less experienced pandaren ran down to Ratchet, with no one to protect them, and swam south until they passed the chasm. They still stopped for photo ops, of course. Then the lowbies were met by the highbies and there was much rejoicing. They found the south road again and continued down it.

Then the road ended. Again. Sploosh
It came from the Blog Pandamonium snapshots
Of course, Crikkit said to keep going (after saying "Geronimo") and then sang "Just keep swimming" along with her flock. Unfortunately, there were some water spouts to make things dangerous for our lowbies with poor avoidance skills, but they were rescued by the highbies, as usual.

Finally, they arrived at their destination: Fizzle and Pozzik's Speedbarge. The pandas swam around the barge, ran up the ramp, stopped for photos (hams), then stuffed their wet, furry bodies into the part of the boat with a neon arrow. A bar fight ensued. So did some dancing. And poor Daisy the bartender was terrified. But she still sold libations, so no one minded.

Was it a party or Pandamonium? Everyone decided it was both and they all lived happily ever after ... with singed, soggy fur.

The end.

TL;DR: Ruzgofdi said it best, "Beer run. Nekkid. Like you do." Check out the rest of the snapshots below.

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