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Sir, You Are Being Hunted Kickstarter closes with a bang


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The Kickstarter for Sir, You Are Being Hunted ended today and was a resounding success, raising £92,551 of a requested £40,000 ($148,303/$64,096). This fell short of the £100,000 goal that would allow character creation and customization, but Big Robot said it "will endeavor to get some aspects of it into the game."

Donations unlocked six of seven stretch goals, including a multiplayer mode. Multiplayer will not ship with the game, but it will be free for those who own it. Big Robot didn't alter the launch window of July 2013, but did add caution to its tale:

"With plans to add a lot more content via stretch goals, it's sensible for us to say that the current July 2013 release goal might be subject to some slippage. We're still aiming for that date, of course, and we'll keep you guys aprised of any changes."

A Steam version was still unconfirmed, but Big Robot said, "Naturally we are hoping to get on to Steam. All Kickstarter backers will get a Steam key when that happens. Stay tuned for news on that in the next few months." The game's PayPal donation page will remain open for "a while longer."

Sir, You Are Being Hunted is a tweedpunk, first-person, singleplayer game that has players attempt to survive in a world overrun with robotic aristocrats who hunt humans for fun. No wonder its Kickstarter succeeded.

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