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The Daily Grind: How much did you spend in cash shops last month?


I had a dream last night. And since I know how popular telling other people about your dreams is, here I go: I dreamed that I was writing a blog post detailing what money I spent on MMOs last month between subscriptions and cash shops. Then I woke up and decided that I have a very boring dream life and that this might make for a good Daily Grind topic.

The truth is, I probably spent about $35 in November on MMO cash shops, and that was all in one place: Guild Wars 2. I wanted to snag a few of the Halloween offerings, bump up my inventory space, and enlarge my bank. I'd say that $35 was pretty high for me compared to an average month, as I'm usually only tempted to take out my wallet when an absolute must-buy goes on sale.

So fess up: How much did you spend in cash shops last month? Be honest as the IRS is watching you!

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