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Apple still working on 'next version of Logic Pro'


There have been rumors bouncing around recently that Apple's digital audio division has been losing employees over the past few years, to the point where it's just a couple of guys still around to maintain the audio apps that are still out there (mostly just Logic Pro, which last saw a new full version back in 2009). A MacRumors reader named Nicholas decided to check in with Apple on the matter, and his request for information reached all the way up to the music product marketing chief in Cupertino, named Xander Soren.

Soren replied to Nicholas via email, and assured him that "the team is still in place and hard at work on the next version of Logic Pro." You'll note that he didn't say just how big the team was, or even deny the rumors that the department's numbers had been lowered recently (Logic Pro itself was cut back last year, from a full retail version to a Mac App Store-only version, at half the price).

But Soren did say that there is another version of Logic Pro planned, at least, so anyone still using Logic can be assured that there's at least one more update on the way. It'd be a shame to lose Apple's formerly popular audio editing suite, but given the company's focus on mobile devices and other areas, it's not too surprising to see something like this may be falling by the wayside.

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