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Fist of Awesome funded, PC & Mac versions announced


Fist of Awesome
, the time-traveling, bear-punching lumberjack game for iOS and Android, has reached its funding goal on Kickstarter. With its funding secured, developer Nicoll Hunt has added some stretch goals to the project. The first goal of £7,000 has already been reached, thus enabling the development of PC and Mac versions of the game. At £12,000, Hunt promises the Fist of Awesome: Grizzly Edition for PC and Mac, a "specially tailored and extended version" of the game that will feature local multiplayer.

An Ouya version is also possible, says Hunt. Ouya is giving away 10 development kits, and Hunt hopes to increase his chances by having interested fans retweet this tweet.

The project still has 8 days left to go and sits at just over £7,000 as of this writing. Just remember, if you don't teach your children about the dangers of roving gangs of pugilistic wildlife, who will?

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