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Microsoft Soho hiring producer to develop 'interactive TV experiences'


Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business studio in Soho is seeking a television producer to "develop and deliver a number of new TV projects" using Xbox Live and Kinect, a LinkedIn want ad reads.

"Soho Productions is pushing the boundaries of Kinect and Xbox Live to bring a new line of interactive television experiences to the world," the ad continues. "Working with leading global entertainment partners, we are creating experiences that are not bound by the traditional definitions of television or gaming. Experiences where watching and participating are inseparable that will delight and enrich the lives of people everywhere."

As the console landscape alters to highlight mainstream entertainment services, such as music and streaming television and movies, Microsoft appears to be making a major grab for the potential of a broader audience. Microsoft is rumored to be working on a set-top box called Xbox TV, and the Spartan Ops Halo 4 series is an ambitious, serialized endeavor – a television producer would fit nicely within the system the company may be cultivating.

We can't wait for the first episode of The Master Chief Comedy Hour (Now better with Kinect!).

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