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Silverline apps help seniors enjoy iPhones


By now, most smartphone owners are used to dealing with tiny on-screen text and robust apps for just about every task under the sun. But as time marches on, age can make complicated devices more of a burden than a blessing, and that's what Singapore's Silverline program hopes to change. The program offers a suite of user-friendly apps that are designed specifically for seniors and is offered on the iPhone through specific carriers.

Silverline's apps act as replacements for several basic features like contact lists and reminder apps. The "Connect" app presents all of a user's contacts via a scrollable menu with photos, names and large buttons for easy navigation. The "Well Being" app can be used to set reminders for when to take medication or vitamins. There's even an "Emergency" app that acts as a one-button command to contact the nearest police or emergency facility.

The Silverline program is currently being supported by several telecommunications companies in Singapore, and customers can sign up for the service when purchasing their phone. As the number of smartphone-owning seniors continues to rise around the globe, we wouldn't be surprised to see similar offerings take root in the US as well.

[Via: Springwise]

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