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Verizon Video service fading to black, final screenings air on December 15th


After a near seven year run, Verizon will be pulling the plug on its mobile video service on December 15th. The decision to shelve its in-house media platform lines up with the company's recent decision to deep-six its app store at the beginning of next year -- due to the recent influx of modern third-party software solutions. Hoping to fill the void for V Cast Video castaways, Verizon will continue to push its Viewdini platform, which sniffs out content across multiple services, such as Hulu Plus, ABC, Netflix and mSpot. For those of you looking to maintain your mobile football fix, Big Red will provide coverage through its NFL Mobile service at a cost of $5 per month. The soon to be defunct video service is currently a part of the carrier's paid smartphone App Pack bundle, which will continue operating after the program's demise. For more information about Verizon's post-V Cast plans, visit the source link below.

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