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Element Case's Ronin iPhone 5 case: Wood, metal, leather, beautiful


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I'm not going to spoil an upcoming review of the new Element Case Ronin iPhone 5 case by saying too much other than to say that information about this gorgeous US$199.95 hand-crafted case will be available tomorrow on the Element Case website. In the meantime, feast your eyes on this luscious piece of hardware.

Element's Ronin iPhone 5 case Wood, metal, leather

What makes this stunner different?

  • CNC-machined, aluminum nickel-plated caps
  • CNC-machined Ziricote wood rails
  • Integrated CNC machined button mechanism
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • A premium leather-grain protective wallet
  • Genuine leather protective "Back Plate"
  • Screen protector
  • Made in the USA

Element's Ronin iPhone 5 case Wood, metal, leather

We'll have a full review as soon as possible. My credit card is standing by to order one.

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